Happy Release Day for fellow Crit Partner!

Today is the day that Christine Bell’s debut book comes out! “Pray” is the first book in her “Wolves of Pray” series with Cobblestone Press. To celebrate her release she’s holding a contest.


Strong-willed photojournalist Amalie Baptista is appalled by the legalization of wolf hunting in Montana. She hopes that photographing these savagely beautiful animals in their element will call attention to their plight. Her mission ends almost before it begins when she is attacked by one of the very creatures she has vowed to save. Suddenly, Amalie finds herself in the midst of a world she thought only existed in horror movies.

Alpha male Liam Albrecht is breaking all the rules for the captivating Amalie, risking his place within the pack as well as his own life to protect her. He’s already lost his beloved friend and pack member to a sadistic hunter who still remains at large. Now, as discord among the area packs reaches a fever pitch, he must find a way to save the woman of his dreams from the monsters among them.


Amalie’s cheeks burned as realization set in. Liam hadn’t left because he didn’t want her. He’d left because he did. Too much. She was at once pleased and embarrassed. Pleased he wanted her as much as she wanted him, but embarrassed she’d heard what was surely meant to be private.

The door opened a few minutes later and Liam came out fully dressed in a pair of gym pants slung low on his hips and a t-shirt that clung to his broad chest. She couldn’t meet his gaze as he dragged a chair next to the bed and lowered himself into it.

“I apologize. I wasn’t as quiet as I might have been, and I can tell by the way you’re fastidiously avoiding my gaze that you heard me. I hope I didn’t embarrass or disgust you, but trust me, it was a necessary evil.” He flashed her a rueful smile.

Amalie forgot to breathe for a moment as she took his full measure. The smile, combined with his disarming honesty and damn sexy body, stole her wits. She’d been far from disgusted by his activities, and was only disappointed she didn’t get to watch. Not that she was going to tell him that.

All of a sudden, she was really hot again.


My fellow Chapter by Chapter critique partner sold the first two books in her shifter series, TheWolves Of Pray. Congratulations Christine Bell…we’re so proud of you! Pray is the first book in theseries. She doesn’t have a release date yet. Her second book Awakening should be releasedshortly after that.

Go check out her new blog: http://chrisbwritin.blogspot.com/ Also check out the cover that anotherfellow Twinkie member Ella Dane did for her until she gets the official cover for Awakening.

Book 2

Well, I finished writing book number two while waiting to hear back from a publisher about HerDecision. Waiting for sure is the hardest part, but I’m keeping busy with kids home for summervacation and working on the book. I’ve put it aside for at least a week, then I’ll get it out and startediting it. I so can’t wait for my critique partners to get this one. I really enjoyed writing it and kindof sad it’s over with now, but also relieved that it is, too. I’d set a date of June 30th to be donewith it, but it took longer with kids home, but at least not by much.

I’ve been itching to get back the book I was working on before this, tentatively called TheRunaway. I was loving writing that one, but it was also a pain at times, too. That book pushes meout of my comfort zone. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just not something I ever thought I’d write.The more I work on that book, I just fall more and more in love with it. It’s been two months sinceI’ve worked on it, and I’m just ready to get back to work on it. I’ve got a lot of work to do on itsince my computer crashed a couple months back, and I lost three whole chapters plus someediting I’d already done on it. But I won’t let that get me down; I’m going back to the plotting wallin my office and plot the rest of this book out. This is hard for me, I’m a panster when writing untilthis last book, I plotted it out, and it really worked for me. I didn’t get stuck anymore, and notknowing where the book needed to go. I did make sure to leave room for the characters to takeover, and boy, did they ever, so they still shocked me on some things. I have an idea where thisbook needs to go and will work all that out in next couple days on my plot wall and be ready towrite on it then.

Writer’s Challenge # 1

I decided to try out the Writer’s Challenge over at eHarlequin. It’s a bi-weekly thing. The winner gets to pick what we write about for the next challenge, and you’re only allowed to write 1,000 words max.. For this one we had to use these words somewhere in the story: beach, volleyball, sun, sand, and ouch. Sometimes we get a picture and sometimes not. It just depends on who’s giving the challenge. This was our inspiration photo:

Faith stepped onto the beach, her shoes in hand. The grainy sand squished beneath her toes as she made her way over to the lounge chair. She’d left the house later than she had intended, she got stuck in traffic on her way to meet a friend at the beach. The bright sun shone down, she cupped her hand across her forehead, scanning the area and spotted her friend ahead of her. Bailey waved her over to where they sat.

“What took you so long?”

“I overslept and the traffic was backed up on the five.” Faith lowered herself on the lounge chair.

“Have you heard anything about the promotion?” Nikki asked.

“No, hopefully Monday. The suspense is killing me, but I just want to relax today, and soak up some sun.”

Nikki, stood up, “You want something to drink?”

“Yeah, a water.”

Faith laid face down on the chair. It had been a hard week at work for her. She’d taken on more cases than she really needed to, but she really wanted the promotion. It seemed when one came up it was always between her and another woman named Stacy. Her eyes closed and she let her mind clear. The sound of the ocean and people on the beach was all she could hear. The salty ocean air filled her lungs. It always had a soothing effect on her.

Something hard hit her head, forcing her head up. Faith raised a hand to the spot rubbing it.


“I’m so sorry… are you all right?” A husky voice said from in front of her.

Faith jumped and looked up, her heart raced. Washboard abs caught her attention first, she moved her gaze up further. He had arms to die for. His face was the kind that would make any woman melt with just one look. Her hand itched to run through his jet-black hair.

I’ve died and gone to heaven!

“It’s okay…I’m fine,” she rose up, and sat on her legs. Baby you can hit me any time.

“I’m Brad.”

“I’m Faith.”

He brought her hand to his lips, and kissed it gently. She felt warmth spread up her hand.

“Would you like to join us for a game of volleyball? We could really use another player.”

“I don’t know how to play.” The words flew out of her mouth before she had time to think about what she was saying. It wasn’t her style to lie and act dumb just to snag a guy, but something about him made her tongue tied.

“Come on, I’ll teach you.” Brad took Faith’s hand and helped her out of the chair; she tripped over her bag, and slammed into his chest. Their gaze locked on one another; time stood still for what felt like an eternity. She needed a fan. He released his hold and she followed him.

OMG! Could I have been a bigger klutz?

Just my luck. I hit the girl I’d been staring at since she walked on the beach thirty minutes ago. She’d caught his attention as he served the ball…she strolled onto the beach wearing cut-off shorts, t-shirt, her blonde hair pulled back in a clip.Brad gave her the ball and stood behind her. “Place the ball in your left hand.”

“Like this?” Faith shot him a look over her shoulder.

“No, hold it this way,” his hand slid up her arm and took her hand in his. A spark shot between them, and he forgot what he’d been doing before. He shook his head. “Now take this hand and pull back slightly.” Brad took her hand showing her how to do it.“Now you try.”

“Okay.”Faith took the ball from him and did as he instructed. She made sure not to hit hard just yet. She’d save that for the game.

“Good, let’s play.” He moved toward the other side, but turned back around pinning her with a stare. “How about the loser has to kiss the winner?”

“Sure, I’m game for that. Get ready to go down.”

She moved to the front, and he served first, Faith jumped and spiked the ball back over, earning a side-out for her team. The years of playing in Middle and High School was about to pay off for her. Her high school team had won the state championship. She rotated to the back, placed the ball in her right hand this time, and sent him a saucy smile, then shot the ball over, scoring a point for the girls.

Brad ate more sand than he’d ever remembered, but he wasn’t about to let the girls win this one. It also didn’t help that Faith in her blue bikini was making his pulse race and he could barley pay attention to the game.She had one wicked serve; he couldn’t believe he fell for her “I don’t know how to play” act. Not like he minded showing her to play and the feel of her satin skin under his fingertips. He wondered what it would be like to kiss her lush lips.

Get your head in the game and off the sexy goddess about to serve again.

He saw it coming over, and dove to keep it in play, but once again, he missed, and fell face first in the sand. He heard someone laughing in front of him. Lifting his head, he saw the beauty standing in front of him with her hand on her hip, pressing her lips in a line trying not to laugh again.

“Good game, he mumbled, as he rose from the ground.”

Faith handed him a towel. “Yeah, good game.”

Brad reached out and pulled her against him. “So, you’ve played before.”

“Yes,” a smile curved her lips.

“I think we have a bet to take care of.” Brad bent down, captured her lips, stealing the very breath from her lungs, making her weak in the knees.

Copyright 2010 Allyson Carter

All in the family

Today my daughter Twinkle Toes who is 7 came home from school with some awards, as did my oldest daughter Pumpkin. Well she was excited to show them to me and even more so about the one she got for creative writing. It came with a pin attached to it and she was wearing it on her shirt. I’m going to get some frames to display their awards. It looks like we have three writers in the family. It was a shock to me that Twinkle Toes got this award because she doesn’t write much. She’s been writing a little more the last few weekends, but nothing like her sister Pumpkin. Speaking of her, she just finished a vampire story, which was good. She let me read it. She asked her daddy if she could have a laptop for her writing. LOL. This is a short posting for today. I have to get Pumpkin ready and go and get fitted for her cheerleading uniform.

So have you passed on the writing bug to your children? Did someone pass it onto you?

Full Requested

Whew! It’s been a crazy two weeks. It all started on Friday the 21st when I got a letter in the mail from a publisher. I never thought one person could be that freaking nervous about opening a letter. Well, that was me. I thought for sure it was a rejection and didn’t want to open it. My husband told me to just open it and see. You’ll never know until you do. So, with shaking hands, I opened it and couldn’t believe what it said. I ended up reading it through a few times before it sunk in. Then I screamed and scared the crap out of my family. My husband crossed the kitchen floor and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t form any words and keep saying “they, uh, uh… want the full.” He took the letter to see what it said, because I was a mess and couldn’t read it, not to mention I still had three chapters to edit and get to my critique group. (The Twinkies…love you guys, you’re awesome!)
I worked on it and got through all the edits including what they suggested. I went to put it on my jump drive to keep safe, and my three month old laptop’s hard drive went out. To say I freaked out is an understatement. I’m still waiting on a tech to come out and replace the hard drive for me. Anyways, my loving husband brought up his computer from his studio for me to use. I spent Wednesday and Thursday with no sleep, getting this ready to send out and fixed. Thankfully, I had backed up the full manuscript and only had to edit the last three chapters over again. At a few minutes till midnight Thursday night, I was able to send it to the Senior Editor, who had requested it. I got my confirmation on Friday, and now the waiting game starts all over again. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they love it and want to publish it.
Now it’s time to decide what to work on next, and I had every intention to work on the Runaway book. Heck, I was 34,000 words into it until the computer crashed. My jump drive only saved 23,730 of it; that’s about three chapters for me to rewrite. I thought, no problem, I can do that in a couple of days. Then, during dinner on Tuesday night (I know, crazy time to get an idea for a book, but that happens to me all the time.) four more medical ideas came to me for books. I thought, okay, I will work on those once Steve and Lily’s story is written. That’s what I thought, but one story kept coming to mind, and then the characters started talking and wouldn’t shut up. I’ve got the full book plotted out now, and have started chapter one, which is almost finished. I’m shocked that I plotted it out; I’m a panster when I write, so this is new to me.
So tell me, are you, a panster or a plotter with your writing?

Car Trouble-Date With Destiny 2

Here’s a story I did for May’s”Date With Destiny 2″ at the e-Harlequin site. Every month, three books that are coming out are posted with a small description, and you’re to take the Hero and play matchmaker with him and a heroine of your choosing.

Car Trouble

Jericho stepped onto his wraparound porch with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. It was his favorite time of year; fall was about over, and old man winter would be blowing in soon. Looking ahead, he could see the Rocky Mountains stretched before him. There was already snow on the highest peaks.

As he lifted the mug to his lips, a car with the hood up and a woman standing beside it caught his attention. He mumbled under his breath that a lesser man might leave her be, but he hadn’t been raised like that. It was supposed to snow today, and turn bone chilling cold later that night.

Walking off the porch, he made his way toward the stranded motorist.

Kelly noticed that Jericho was half way to her. Smiling to herself, the plan was now set into motion and there was no going back. She reached in taking the fuel pump relay from the fuse box, she stuffed it in the pocket of her jeans. She’d heard about the vow Jericho had made to her brother, that he’d help her if she ever needed it. The time had come for her to cash in on that pledge.

The help she needed was him, and he needed her. He just didn’t know it yet.

“Ma’am what…” Jericho jerked to a stop when he saw that it was Kelly, the beauty that he couldn’t get out of his head since the first time he met her three years ago.

“Hey, surprised to see me way out here?”

Her gaze fell on his oh so kissable lips. The man was as sexy as they came. Her eyes wandered over his body, saving his eyes for last. Confusion mixed with desire shown in his amber colored eyes.

“Yes. What are you doing out this far with a snow storm coming in a few hours?”

“I was visiting some friends and on my way back the car died, and now it won’t start.”

“Give me your keys. I’ll see what I can do.”

“They’re in the ignition.”

Jericho sat in the driver’s seat and turned the key. Nothing happened. He got out and went to the engine compartment, brushing by Kelly. He inhaled deeply, his pulse revved into overdrive, as his gaze swept over her body. Jericho turned and braced his hands on the hood of her car as he checked inside, glad for the distraction.

“Hmmm,now that’s weird,” he said.

“What seems to be wrong?” she asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. Simmering heat coiled deep in her stomach. My plan is coming along just fine; time to move on to part B of the plan.

Looking back, he turned and bumped into her, not realizing she’d moved so close to him. She was invading all of his senses, and if this lasted much longer, there would be no stopping it. He’d have to kiss her. That wasn’t something he should do, knowing that he’d promised her brother Eddie if she was ever in trouble, he’d help her. However, the thoughts he was having right now had nothing to do with getting her car fixed.

It was smarter to get the car working again and send her on her way before the storm hit. He was sure helping her into his bed wasn’t what his buddy had meant by take care of her. Plus, it wasn’t something he’d do to her anyway. He was used to one night with a woman, and then he would send them packing before they got too attached. The more he thought of Kelly, the more he pondered she could make him change his mind. No, stop thinking like that! He ordered himself.

“Well, you’re fuel pump relay is missing. I’ve never seen one just come out, but the cover of your fuse box is gone, too. Has anyone been doing any work on your car lately?”

“No, I haven’t had anything done in a couple of months, since I got my last oil change.”

Snow started falling and he knew they’d never make it to town and back in time to get the car fixed.

“For now you can stay here, and once we can get out I’ll take you to town and get the part.”

“If you’re sure,” she peered up at him through her thick lashes, and all rational thinking fled. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled her tight against his body, capturing her lips.

Placing her arms around his neck and kissing him was everything she’d ever dreamed it would have been. When the kiss ended, she leaned her head on his chest to catch her breath. Secretly, she smiled at how things were working out. When she had set out to implement this plan, there had been no guarantee it would work, but now she was certain he was at least attracted to her. Kelly shivered against the cold as; the temperature dropped a few more degrees

“Let’s get inside. It’s turning colder.” He grabbed her hand, leading her towards the house.

As they approached the porch, she tugged on his hand that was covering hers. He stopped to look at her, as she dug into her jeans and pulled out the missing relay, holding it up and grinning. He watched her silently for a moment before a crooked smile lit up his face.

“This was all a plan you cooked up.” he said more than he asked.

“Yes,” she smiled seductively at him.

He took her in his arms and stole her breath with a passionate kiss as he backed her into the house, and pushed the door shut with his foot.

Copyright @2010 Allyson Carter