All in the family

Today my daughter Twinkle Toes who is 7 came home from school with some awards, as did my oldest daughter Pumpkin. Well she was excited to show them to me and even more so about the one she got for creative writing. It came with a pin attached to it and she was wearing it on her shirt. I’m going to get some frames to display their awards. It looks like we have three writers in the family. It was a shock to me that Twinkle Toes got this award because she doesn’t write much. She’s been writing a little more the last few weekends, but nothing like her sister Pumpkin. Speaking of her, she just finished a vampire story, which was good. She let me read it. She asked her daddy if she could have a laptop for her writing. LOL. This is a short posting for today. I have to get Pumpkin ready and go and get fitted for her cheerleading uniform.

So have you passed on the writing bug to your children? Did someone pass it onto you?


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