Revise & Resubmit

Today, I received a revise and resubmit on a full manuscript that I had out. After a few moments of panicking, I sat and read through the editor’s notes, and really it’s not as bad as I thought at first. Some punctuation and grammar things that need to be fixed before moving forward, and a few conflict issues. After reading through and letting everything sink in, I know I can do this!

The editor and I have been emailing back and forth tonight about the black moment, and I see what changes she would like, and it can be fixed. Sure, I’ll more than likely have to re-write a few chapters, but it will be so worth it if she offers me a contract. She said I created a very compelling romance and strong characters in Erin and Kyle. She also said that this work would give me a stronger story, as well as a more emotionally satisfying one. Oh my, can it really have a more emotional impact? I was crying like a big freaking baby at a few spots. Bad enough if you come out of your office, and your husband asks why are you crying. You try explaining about having to rip out Kyle’s heart and all, and the man looks at you like you’ve finally gone over the edge.

As I was writing this blog post, I just received the thumbs up for the Black Moment from her. So, for the next month at least, I will be locked in my office with my tissues and re-writing.
Anyone have any tips they’d like to share about revisions?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states, this is one of my favorite holidays. Even though both mine and my husband’s families are in other states. My family calls and we talk as we’re cooking. Except this year, oh yes still calling and talking, but the stomach bug/colds have hit our home. So this year I’ll be cooking tomorrow I want to make sure everyone is feeling better to enjoy.

My two oldest Pumpkin (10) and Twinkle Toes(8) will be helping me in the kitchen this year. That will be interesting I’m allowing extra time for cooking while I teach them everything, and they help out.

What I’m thankful for:
* My faith
*My family
*Our health ( even though we’re battling a bug right now.)
*Being able to stay at home and write
*Great Friends
There’s so much for me to be thankful for that these are just a few of mine. What are some things are you thankful for, or what foods do you enjoy having on Thanksgiving? Tell me I really want to know.

I’m Thankful For Doctor’s

An unedited excerpt from Road to Recovery.

It hit Kyle in that moment; hell, it didn’t just hit him, it slammed into him like a semi-truck that he loved that woman. She was the first thing on his mind when he woke up and the last thing at night before bed. He’d let her so damn far into his life; he didn’t even let his ex wife past the front of his heart. He’d never given himself fully to her, but with Erin, he’d laid everything on the line for her.

Who was this man that had swooped in and taken her heart? Every part of her fought against the magnetic pull of letting him in, and in three short days, he’d busted through more of her walls than she wanted to happen. Erin never thought that she’d ever find love, and it had been under her nose all this time

CBC Romantics are doing our first traveling blog; Heroes We Are Thankful For.

Seriously, what woman hasn’t looked at a doctor and taken a double take? I mean, come on, the way the scrubs fit tightly across their muscles and how the pants just seem to hold their butts just right. I really never gave it much thought until I started helping in a hospital as a teen, and boy, was it hard not to see. Or, when I went to my first OB-GYN appt and the doctor was hot. (Shh don’t tell my husband,, he might go all alpha on me. He knows what doctor I’m talking about.)

What woman doesn’t want a man who takes his work seriously and isn’t afraid to jump in, and doesn’t care if he ticks someone off? And heroes like that just makes a woman’s heart flutter against her chest. He has to act quickly in an emergency, and she knows that if something serious ever comes up, he’ll be able to handle the crisis without giving it a moment’s thought. Sure, a lot of them are alpha and have an arrogance about them, but you always know that’s not how they really are; at times they have to wear a mask to get through certain cases.

Some of my favorite shows on TV are medical shows. I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. I like the scene where Christine Yang goes after Owen Hunt outside the bar. They had been fighting their attraction to each other and had to over come some things, but it all burst right there. He kissed her and pressed his body against hers, pinning her against the brick wall. And when they looked at each other, you could see how much they loved one another, and that he’d do anything for her.

And who could forget the arrogant Mark Sloan. He’s known for sleeping around and using women, but when it comes to Lexie, he wants to do better and be a better man, but he screws up and tries to get her back. One of my favorite scenes with them is where Mark comes out of a patient’s room and Lexie is working at the nurse’s station. You can see the tension between them and she moves over and kisses him.

What kind of hero are you thankful for? Tell me I really want to know.

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Short Story

I’m starting something new on my blog and the first thing I’m going to be doing is writing a short story . To begin, it will be a series for the first few weeks. It will always be romance, but there might be aspects of sub-genres weaved in as well. This is where the readers come in: for the first week you get to pick who the hero is. Here are your choices to choose from:

A. Law Enforcement
B. Doctor
C. Cowboy
D. Teacher
To vote leave a comment I’ll leave this open until Thurs. Nov 11.