Six Sentence Sunday 2-20-11

I heard about Six Sentence Sunday from another author and decided to join in. So, this week’s is from my soon to be released book Road to Recovery. It’s an unedited version. We’re in Erin’s POV.

“Are you wet for me?” Kyle asked as he caressed a hand across her arm.


“What do you want me to do?”
She’d never been one to talk dirty during sex, but he wanted her to say it, and God knows she wanted him to do it. She squeezed her legs together as moisture trailed between her legs.

For additional authors participating in showing their awesome six sentences, visit the official site for more information.


28 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday 2-20-11

  1. liiaann says:

    What an intro to SSS that was!Very nice

  2. Laura Kaye says:

    Tell him! Deeww eeet! LOL Great!

  3. graylinfox says:

    Welcome to SSS. You left us hanging, what does she want?

  4. I hope you plan to continue this scene next week! Welcome to SSS!

  5. Sarah Grimm says:

    What a debut to SSS! Great snippet! Will we see more next week?

  6. Lisa Fox says:

    Ooo, say it! And then do it! Awesome!

  7. Do it, do it! Hee. Nice 6!

  8. Eleri Stone says:

    Tell him, Erin! Nice six : )

  9. Emily Cale says:

    Great six! Very sexy.

  10. Jayel Kaye says:

    Welcome! and a very sexy 6 you got there!

  11. Very hot! I want to read the next six too!

  12. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Now that's what I call a HOT debut!

  13. Something tells me I'm going to enjoy your upcoming book 😉

  14. Yum! Welcome to Sixsunday xx

  15. Lynne Murray says:

    Welcome from a fellow Six Sunday first-timer! Also congrats on the upcoming book. Hot and sweet six!

  16. Casi says:

    So what's she going to say? Is she going to be sweet? Crude? Euphemistic? Explicit?

  17. Alyssa Fox says:

    Thank! Casi you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

  18. Welcome to SSS and to PPB! Great snippet!

  19. Trish says:

    Welcome to SSS- and that was some steamy entrance.Sexy and great characterization. Well done!

  20. anny cook says:

    All right. That was wonderful and very evocative. Loved it!

  21. Marie Dees says:

    Oh, hot six! Welcome to the gang. (and yes, some of us take days to hit all the posts.)

  22. Welcome to SSS! Very great sex *ahem* I mean Six.

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