My New Website!

As I said on yesterday’s blog I had someone working on a website for me, and me let me just say that she rocks. Late list night around midnight I got an email from her saying it was ready. It looks so good I’m just so happy with what she did for me. I looked over other sites she’d done before deciding on using her.I knew she did good work, but I never would have thought she’d come up with what she did. No worries about the blog it’s staying right here. She even made a layout for my blog to match my website.

Here’s the link to my site. Let me know what you think.

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17 comments on “My New Website!

  1. I really like your website. I think that the person that programmed it for you did a really good job.

  2. Kerri Cuev says:

    I like that it mimics your blog. Congrats, very exciting!

  3. Summer Ross says:

    Your site looks wonderful and it matches your blog really well. Amazing job!

  4. I just checked it out. It's beautiful. I like that the colors and picture are the same as the blog. It makes a perfect transition. Congrats!<3 Gina Blechman

  5. Alyssa Fox says:

    Thanks everyone! I really love the colors she used and the picture.

  6. Serenity says:

    Hi Alyssa, the blog looks fab, and I love the picture. You should be really proud of yourself and the lady who did the site for you. I think having a beautiful blog and/or website helps you think of yourself as a 'real' writer – not that you need help, lol, you're obviously doing well enough to earn that label 🙂

  7. anny cook says:

    Very cool colors! Lovely job!

  8. Alyssa Fox says:

    @SErenity~ I'm really proud of the site she made me. It really fits what I write.

  9. Rae Monet says:

    Looks fantastic! Of course, I'm biased. Congrats on your launch!

  10. Alyssa Fox says:

    You did a fantastic job, Rae!

  11. I just saw your website. It looks beautiful. Everything about it is just so perfect. I might have to look up the person who did your site.

  12. I love the new look of your blog. The website is amazing. Everything about it–the colors, pictures, eveything–screams AWESOME! Congrats on the new look. :). I'm so happy for you. Yay.

  13. Regina says:

    Your website is really beautiful. She did a really nice job on it. Congratulations.

  14. LOVE the header… beautiful!Well done!Happy crusadingSarah

  15. L'Aussie says:

    The website is sizzling but should there be a link to your blog? I enjoyed reading your short short short…I'm just finishing up my Publication Party series so now I've a little time to get around and say hi personally to everyone in my 2 crusader groups. I've made a blogroll in my sidebar especially for my groups so I can see your latest posts and comment (which is the idea as we can't keep up with 200+ crusaders!)Oh, and I also created a badge which is yours to copy and take in my latest post of welcome to romance crusaders. I'd be delighted to see it in each of our sidebars.Looking forward to reading your future posts.Denise<3

  16. Alyssa Fox says:

    Thanks Everyone!@ L'Aussue~ Yes there are two links on my website for my blog. One is on the first page in the welcome message. Then on the contact page it has one as well, along with my Twitter and Facebook links. I'll head over to your blog to check it out!

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