Comments and Newsletters

I have a few different things to talk about this morning.

1.) I hate to change things again, but the comment thing I’ve installed to my blog to put it plainly it sucks majorly. I get emails saying someone commented, and then it doesn’t show up, so I’m changing back just to bloggers. Sadly, all my comments I got with the new system will go away, but in the end this will be much better.

2.) I’m having to switch my newsletter from what I had been using because well it wouldn’t let people subscribe. They wouldn’t get the invite to click, so I can’t have that. I’ve decided to go with a yahoogroup for right now until I can find a new newsletter thing that I like. So you can subscribe to the newsletter here.

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3.) I’m also doing a group newsletter with other Pink Petal Books author’s. I’d love for my readers to join us over there.

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2 comments on “Comments and Newsletters

  1. Kiru Taye says:

    Changes a-plenty. But it's all for the best. Right?

  2. Alyssa Fox says:

    I know I hate changes, but this will be for the best. Better to do it now then when I have tons of followers.

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