#SexySnippets from The Boss’s Demands

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This week’s Sexy Snippet comes from my latest release, The Boss’s Demands.

Roland trailed a hand down her stomach, her muscles bunched against his touch.
He brushed against her sex and came back up. Her skin turned a rosy color under his
fingertips. With his other hand, he released the clip that held her brown hair back. Her
wavy hair flowed over her shoulders. She kept her attention on the interaction in the
mirror. Her gaze had turned dark with lust.


The Boss’s Demand

Lisa Shawl knew her new job would be demanding. She just didn’t understand how much. After being given her boss’ little sister’s wedding to plan, she’s given an opportunity she never thought possible. To be his submissive for a weekend.

Roland Valdez has wanted his new secretary from the moment he hired her. He explains that he needs her to be his date to the wedding. After learning that a Dom/sub relationship intrigues and turns her on, he tells her to give him the weekend. Will she submit to his every need or will he lose her forever?

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7 comments on “#SexySnippets from The Boss’s Demands

  1. J.P. Stevens says:

    That just warmed my toes, thank you 🙂 great snippet. xx

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