#SexySnippets—Road to Recovery

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This week’s Sexy Snippet comes from my first release, Road to Recovery. In this scene Kyle comes into the medical library where Erin is studying some research books for a case she has.


“Good afternoon, Erin,” She jumped at the deep voice coming from her left. A glance over her shoulder confirmed what she already knew.


“Afternoon.” She fumbled to grab the chart in front of her, hoping he’d leave. He sat down next to her. His gaze singed her cheeks, but she couldn’t look up; instead, she concentrated on the chart in front of her.


Road to Recovery Release Day!


Dr. Erin Miller’s life was going great; for the most part, anyway. She was single, had a career she loved, and a cherished circle of friends, but something was missing. Wanting to find her soul mate, she’s gun shy after her boss took advantage of her feelings for him during her first year as an intern. Although she dates occasionally, she always breaks things off before her heart gets involved. When a mentorship with the Chief Pediatric Surgeon becomes available, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered! She decides to pursue it, confident she will be chosen for the coveted role of mentee. That is, until the handsome and charismatic Dr. Kyle Reynolds decides he wants the mentorship as well.

Kyle Reynolds has lost everything including his wife and daughter. With nothing left in his life worth living for except his job, he sets his sights on the new mentorship position with single-minded determination. The only obstacle between him and his goal is Dr. Erin Miller.

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7 comments on “#SexySnippets—Road to Recovery

  1. Daisy Banks says:

    This Snippet left me wanting to find out a lot more.Good luck with the book.

  2. Ah, resistance is futile, as they say 😉

  3. J.P. Stevens says:

    Oh I wonder what he has done that she wants to ignore him 😉

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