Road to Recovery Excerpt

“Can I cut in?”

She jerked her head in his direction and shot him a dirty look. Kyle’s pulse raced as he glanced over her body. She wore a short skirt and halter-top. Her clothes flattered all the right places on her. She’d finished the look off with some sexy heels.


The other man’s hands slid to her hips, pulling her closer. Kyle couldn’t miss the surprised expression that appeared on her face. Or how he wanted to rip the man’s hands from her hips at that moment.

“I believe it’s her choice who she dances with.”

“Listen, you had your chance before I asked her,” Dave barked back.

“Hello, I’m right here and can speak for myself. I’m not some toy.”

The other guy walked off in a huff, spitting something about jealous boyfriends. Kyle pulled her close. She flattened her palms against his chest. The heat from her hands seared him, as if there wasn’t a shirt as a barrier between her touch and his bare flesh.

“I never said I wanted to dance with you.”

“Too bad. You’re going to.”

“The hell I will.” She took her hands off him and turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Kyle placed her arms around his neck and molded her body to his. Like a switch, the arousal he’d seen in her eyes earlier flared to life. A sensual voice echoed around them as it blared from the speakers. She took a ragged breath before she moved with him.

She rolled her hips into him, and he pulled her closer, allowing no space between them.

His right hand trailed a slow path down her arm; goose bumps rose on her satiny skin. Kyle looked at Erin as his hand trailed down to her hips, her gaze on his mouth. He could tell what had happened earlier had affected her as much as it had him. He planned to kiss her before the night ended, but for now, he’d enjoy having her in his arms, keeping her wondering when it would happen.

She drew her focus to his eyes. “You’re arrogant.”

“Yes, and now we have that out of the way, let’s move on, because it’s not going to change.”He bent closer to her and inhaled the cinnamon-orange scent that was only her. Je tu vous embrasserai, donc à fond que vous oublierez votre nom, votre sucre.”

“Stop, doing that! I haven’t a clue what you said.”

He moved closer to where only she could hear him. “I said I’m going to kiss you, so thoroughly you’ll forget your name, Sugar.” Kyle moved back and watched her cheeks flush pink as she contemplated what he’d said.

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Sexy Saturday!

So it’s time for another Sexy Saturday. This week I’m going to be talking about dancing. Come on, let’s face it, dancing can be so freaking sexy. If the two have a great chemistry on the dance floor, they can keep the attention of everyone around them, and have them wanting more. I just wrote a really hot dance scene in my new work in progress.

Yes, I’m a big sucker for the reality dance shows because, well, some on there have such great chemistry, you wish you were there dancing. I’m sure we’ve all had a dance or two that left us breathless, and I’m not talking about from the dance, but from the sexual tension…from the way the man commands the woman’s body during their dance. Let’s face it, someone has to lead and most of the time it’s the man.

That’s just sexy, I don’t care who you are and how in control you are as a woman. Almost every woman loves when a man takes command, and during a dance, it can be super hot. I found three videos on YouTube that show some great sexual tension, and the man leading.

So, tell me, have you ever had some hawt dances like in these videos?