Hot in Handcuffs Blog Hop

I’m taking part in the Hot in Handcuffs blog hop and give away. Let’s face it most of us like handcuffs and then throw a hot man in the mix, and it will make women weak in the knees. It can be a part of BDSM relationship or just some kinky play between two lovers. I don’t know many women who aren’t turned on by being cuffed by the man they care for.  In my book Bound To Protect, Katie gets first hand experience at not Chad using handcuffs on her, but also bringing out her submissive side. You get a chance to win a copy of Bound to Protect during the giveaway which runs from Oct 10-15, 2012. I’ll announce the winner on Oct 16. Leave a comment to enter.“>“>“>

Six Sentence Sunday

I’ve decided to continue with the same scene I had up a few weeks ago. Let’s check in on Katie and see what’s going on with her and the mystery man in her bedroom.

“Please, Kaden, let me up.”

His free palm roamed over her ass as it moved towards her back to her shirt. A moment later she heard something crash in the living room and her shirt ripped some more. Oh God, no, she couldn’t go through that! She’d rather die than to have him touch her again. His body lowered close to hers, and she could hear heavy breathing. 

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Six Sentence Sunday

This week, let’s take a look at Katie and what happening to her. Will she be safe?

“My, my, you’re a naughty little thing. What, no kiss for me?”

His words sent a cold shiver across her body. He was going to toy with her like a cat with a mouse before killing it. Really, she shouldn’t expect anything else. He loved to torture her. 

You can purchase Bound To Protect from Evernight PublishingKindleARe, and Bookstrand. If you would like to join in with some awesome authors for Six Sentence Sunday, go here.

Six Sentence Sunday

This week I’m continuing from the same scene as last week, so let’s see what Chad and Katie are up to.

“Believe me, if I’d been in your bed last night…” Chad brushed his knuckles against her arm as his lips came closer to her ear. His voice dropped to a sexy growl, “…you’d be so satisfied from the sensation of my cock inside you, you wouldn’t be able to walk or stop smiling.”
Tingles swirled around where his knuckles brushed against her arm. Katie drew in a breath as images of them rolling around in the sheets danced across her mind.
“I bet you liked the thought of that.”
“Oh, please, I’d never be with you in that way. You’re not my type.”

You can purchase Bound To Protect from Evernight PublishingKindleARe, and Bookstrand. If you would like to join in with some awesome authors for Six Sentence Sunday, go here.

Excerpt Tuesday

Before I get to Excerpt Tuesday this week, I want to let you know that I’m over at C.R. Moss for her Tuesday Tea talking about how Bound To Protect came to be.

Chad is over at Sex Marks The G-Spot doing an interview and I’m almost scared what might come out of his mouth.

Also as I said on my blog, that one lucky person who commented would win an ebook of Bound To Protect along with Road To Recovery, and that lucky winner is Empibaryeh. Please email me at to get your copy.

The moans coming from Katie just about did him in. Chad lowered her onto the bed and the grip of her arms around his neck tightened. For a moment, she pulled away from the kiss.
“I’ve got you. I won’t drop you.”
A smile crossed her face and made his heart grip tighter against his chest. He was going to enjoy teaching her to be submissive.
“Take your shirt off,” he said with a gruff voice.
“You heard what I said.” She stiffened and pulled her legs against her chest. Chad stifled a curse. He had to get his dominant side in check if he was going to reach her. He couldn’t go all “hard-ass” on her the first time. What she needed right now was reassurance that she was safe enough with him to truly let go.
“You’re not going to take it off?” Uncertainty laced her voice. .
“If I wanted to take it off of you, I would have.” Kneeling on the bed beside her, Chad promised himself to go as slowly as she needed. His gut told him she wanted this even if she wasn’t sure how it worked. It was part of his job to show her what her body wanted, needed and craved deep down inside. “If you didn’t have a fantasy about this, you wouldn’t have books on BDSM. Let me show you what your body secretly craves.”
“I’m not a helpless bimbo that needs to be told what to do to get off,” she spit back.
He hardly kept his laugh inside. She still wanted to fight what he knew her body wanted, but her independent streak was woven so deeply that she didn’t want to let go and feel. Hell, after all she’d been through, he could understand why. That was one thing he admired about her.  Katie didn’t take shit from anyone.
“Is that so?” Butterflies slammed against her stomach as his hand continued to roam her body. For a moment she worried about Chad’s taking things too far, about not being what he needed in a woman. What if she wasn’t built to do what he wanted? He didn’t give her much time to think on that before slipping off her thong. Now she was completely naked with his hard body pressed against hers.
“Yes. Now, no talking, unless you’re screaming out my name. Until then, call me ‘Sir’.”
“What if I have a question or something is bothering me?”
“Address me as ‘Sir’ and we’ll deal with it. Are you ready?”
 Katie nodded. Nothing could happen to her, and if she needed it, she had a safe word. If she had to, she’d hold onto that reassurance with all her might and not hesitate to speak the safe word if things overwhelmed her. That was the whole point of having a safe word.
“I asked you a question.”
Drawing in her bottom lip, she grazed it with her teeth. “Yes, I’m ready.”
“Yes, what, Katie?” He stopped the caress just a whisper away from her breast. She desperately wanted him to touch her again. Arching towards him, she tried to bring her body into contact with his hand, but he moved.
“Yes, Sir. I’m ready.”
“Relax. Every time I touch you, I can feel you jump. No one’s going to hurt you here.”
Taking in a deep breath, she willed herself to relax, or at least try. Before, this was the point where she’d have trouble and start to pull back from her lover.
“Shouldn’t we lie down?”
“If I thought we needed to, then I’d have told you. Get in the middle of the bed and sit back on your heels.” He could almost see the wheels turning in her head, and for a moment, he wondered if she would use the safe word. Taking a breath, she moved to the bed and did as he had told her. Good girl. Chad climbed on the bed behind her. He palmed her ass, sending heat racing down her body. “Anyone ever take you back here?”
Oh God, not there! That shouldn’t turn her on even more. Chad’s body heat seeped into her back as he blanketed her with the hard muscles of his chest. His hand moved between her thighs.
“Don’t make me ask again. I’ll spank your ass next time.”
“Yes, but I don’t like it. It hurts.” She turned her head to glance at him. “No anal. I can’t do that. You can kiss your chance to fuck me away if you think you’re going to hit me.” Never again would she allow a man to hit her. Being that weak again wasn’t an option anymore. Moisture seeped between her thighs at the erotic thought of  him smacking her, but no way would she tell him that it turned her on to have him do it. She’d read about it in her books, and it was never abusive. According to the books, it was always done in a safe manner, and brought the woman pleasure. There’d been times that she’d been so turned on after reading that she had to take care of things on her own. And she had no doubts that Chad would see to her pleasure in every way.

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Six Sentence Sunday

I’m back this week with another sneak peak at Bound To Protect. Let’s see what’s up with Kate and Chad. You can purchase a copy from on Monday.

“Good, just keep going along with whatever I do, and I’ll get you to safety.” Damn if his voice didn’t sound like he’d swallowed some rocks.
“I can do that.”
“Do you two need a room?” Kyle asked as he tried to hold back a laugh.

“No, it’s all for show.” Bullshit. It wasn’t a show on his end, and from her reaction it wasn’t for her either.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Since Bound To Protect releases on Jan 16, I’m going to be posting some snippets from that book for the next few Sundays. Katie is at work and someone she knows from her brother’s FBI team came in, and they’re talking.

“No. Call Alex. You need to get somewhere safe. Just take this motherfucking bullet out, and I’ll take you out of here.” His words touched her heart. Even though he’d been shot, it wasn’t going to stop him from protecting her. The men on Alex’s team were something else, that was for sure, and she was grateful.

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Sexy Saturday

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sexy Saturday. I’ve been locked away in my editing cave doing edits on Bound To Protect for my editor. I should be getting a release date once these are turned in. So, as I was trying to come up with a topic for this week, nothing was coming to me. That is until today, as I was working on a scene, it hit me. Tattoos. My hero, Chad, has one and I won’t share what it’s for; you’ll have to read the book when it comes out.

I for one think they are sexy as hell. Some women might not think that way and, well, let’s just push that to the side for now. For me personally I’m not into having them up and down arms, or all over. That would be a major turn off for me, but a few well placed ones, well that’s hot. Really, with tattoos, it’s in the eye of the beholder what they think is sexy or not.

A lower back one can be sexy if it’s done correctly. Also, it would be hidden most of the time, which can be a turn-on for your partner. For them to know it’s there and no one else to know. On some women, it would show when they wore jeans, and that could be a sexy little tease.

The ones that I love are the arm bands, ones across the chest, and ones that cover the arm. I’m sure they have technical names, but I don’t know them; all I know is that they are hot. Now comes to the designs that people have put on their body. Some of them are downright ugly, there’s no other way to put it. Oh and let’s not forget that some people really need to think about where they place the tattoos before getting them. Some places are just a bad idea. For a woman on the boobs or stomach area are bad places as both can sag as we get older, and your once great-looking tat will look bad later. For men, I would have to say on the stomach as well for the same reason.

I’ll place some of my favorite tattoos below. So tell me, do you think that tattoos on men are hot or not?

Six Sentence Sunday 8-6-11

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Six Sentence Sunday with the kids being out for summer break. This comes from my book, Bound To Protect, which has been contracted by my editor. The release date is still pending.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” He quirked a brow at her. He moved a step closer, heat lacing the look in his sea green gaze, a gaze set on making the beating in her chest louder. Chad’s fingertips caressed her bare shoulder, creating a sexual awareness on which she’d long ago given up. One that if she was truthful with herself, she wasn’t sure she wanted to end.

“It seems to me that you’re interested in bondage.”

“I, no, I mea-”

“Don’t lie to me.”

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