There’s some major Snoopy Dancing going on in my house today. I sold Road to Recovery to Pink Petals. It’s the first book I’ve ever sold. It’s the book I sent to medical line at Harlequin, and they passed on it. So I sent it over to PP, and she loved it. The only thing was I had to go through it again, tighten up some areas and do a whole new plot When I first read the email I was like, holy crap, a new plot. I have to say, my editor found a great gem in there to use as the plot, opposed to what I had come up with.

The greatest thing ever happened at the same time as Shayla Black was teaching her story booking class. That class really helped me to see what chapters I had to change to do the new plot. I was able to go through it and get to work so much faster. Also, Editpalooza over at Savvy Authors helped me learn to go through it two more times before sending it back to my editor.

The email came last night at 12:34 am. I decided to check my mail one last time before I went to bed, and how I didn’t wake the kids screaming for my husband who was in the other room I’ll never know. I was certain I was seeing things, that it didn’t say they were offering me a contract. Poor husband had to all but smack me for me to believe it. I was shaking and totally freaking out; hell I’m still freaking out now.

I have to thank the best critique group my Twinkies they are the best! Also Delaney for going through the manuscript one last time for me. I don’t have any other details yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post them here. I’m also working on getting a website together.