Why I picked this genre with Tamsin Baker

Why, with all the possibilities, did I write this genre?
Well, firstly you need to know that Bonded Hearts, as all the third bite series are, are Menage, Historical and Vampire. There’s a very good reason I have crossed so many genres and that is because I love them all. The third Bite series is an amalgamation of all the things that I enjoy reading and writing.
I’ve loved vampires since Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse.
I’ve loved the Regecy period since Eloisa James and Jane Austen.
And I’ve loved menage since… well about 8 months ago when I joined an erotic writers group and found out that such things existed.
So I thought, why not just throw it all together? Surely someone else must like all the things that I like too. 
The other thing about the menage is that all involves M/M. I can’t write menage where the men don’t love each other, it feels unnatural to me. This is probably strange and not realistic, but hey, this is my world and my fantasy. So I hope you enjoy Bonded Hearts- the first MMM I ever wrote, but certainly not my last! Because if two heroes are better than one, then three is definitely better than two!

Third Bite, 2 Blurb
 Eric and Malcolm are over nine hundred years old. They love one another but if they do not find their third mate soon, they will both go insane and commit suicide.
At a friend’s ball, the two vampires meet Jackson Essex. A gorgeous young Lord who smells like pure heaven to them both. They want him and crave the mating that will bind them forever.
Jackson has always known he had unnatural feelings and cannot believe it when he meets two male vampires that inspire passion in him. The sex is incredible, but Malcolm and Eric want him to stay with them. They want a relationship with him, and Jackson doesn’t want to be a sodomite.
Two vampires on the verge of insanity and their human mate in denial about who he is. Disaster seems to be the only course for the ill-fated trio.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex


Jackson came back to consciousness with his head in Eric’s lap. The two men were growling at each other in a foreign language Jackson didn’t understand.
What had happened? Had he really passed out from the pleasure? How embarrassing.
“Jackson, are you all right?”
Jackson nodded and began to sit up. Two pairs of hands gently helped him up to a sitting position.
“What happened?” he asked, a little concerned.
Malcolm looked wounded for a moment then straightened.
“I bit you. I’m sorry.”
Jackson tried to be angry. Really and truly he tried. But all he could do was remember the pure pleasure of feeling Malcolm’s fangs sinking into his flesh.
He opened his mouth to reassure the vampire that he hadn’t indeed hurt him, but stopped himself. These two men had already taken something from him. His ignorant bliss that he could truly be satisfied with a woman.
He didn’t need to give them any more leverage on him. If he stopped them biting him, perhaps that would lessen their control on him?
“I forgive you, of course, Malcolm, but please don’t do it again.”
The two men looked at each other with looks of pure horror, and guilt hit Jackson’s belly hard.
Jackson clenched his teeth against the need to undo what he had just done so merely nodded. He needed a small measure of control over this situation.
Malcolm smiled at him.
“That’s all right, Jackson. After we turn you, which will be soon, we won’t be able to feed from you, so it won’t matter.”
Shock crashed through Jackson.
“What?” He staggered to his feet, unable to believe what they had just said. They weren’t turning him into anything!
The two beautiful men both flew to their feet and moved close to him. He was overwhelmed and crowded, a feeling he neither liked nor was accustomed to.
Jackson held up his hands and pushed one against each of the vampires’ chest. The warmth burnt him, and his cheeks flamed with wanting them.
“Would you two just back off? I need to ask questions, and you being so close is not helping.”
They both grinned like he had given them the biggest compliment in the world. Perhaps he had.
“I’m sure you have lots of questions, Jackson, but we need to relieve our lust. Would you come home with us?”
Jackson swallowed. His body was throbbing with awareness. Despite his unnatural urges he had never actually thought he would be with one man, let alone two. It was wrong to want such a thing.
Eric continued. “If you aren’t ready to come to bed with us, then we can leave you and come back to see you tomorrow night.”
Pure and hot jealousy pumped through Jackson at the thought. These two beautiful vampires were going home to touch each other. Lick and fuck each other.
He had never been so angry at himself before. He wanted to go with them.
Eric stepped closer, taking a deep inhalation through his nose, and his eyebrows flew up in surprise. Could Eric tell how much he wanted them?
“If we promise not to bite you, would you like to come home with us? Join us? No one will ever know, Jackson.”
Jackson’s cock and nipples tingled at the thought. Tonight was the very first time he had been sexually satisfied in his whole life. What would it be like to bed the two men?
“I have never…” Jackson stopped, unable to finish his sentence. His face flushed red.
Malcolm reached out and picked up his hand, entwining their fingers in an intimate way. Heat travelled up Jackson’s arm and made him shiver.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, Jackson. Just watch if you like. We want you but would never force anything on you.”
Jackson shuddered, the raw sexuality and need evident in both vampires.
“I would like to come with you … yes.”
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Why I read romance—Michele Stegman

Why I read romance.
                  I love to read. Always have. My mom told me that even as a baby of less than a year old, if she wanted to keep me busy, she set me on the floor with some magazines and books. I grew up reading science fiction and historical fiction. Then I discovered romance—historical romance–and fell in love with reading all over again.

                  I love to learn history, which was my major in grad school, and it is so much fun to learn it from a really good historical romance author. I spend a lot of time looking things up and reading about them further when I read a good historical romance. And I can usually tell, even without looking things up to check, whether or not the author has done her research or if she is just throwing in an occasional “gown, tunic, chain mail, or castle” to make her book sound like it is set in the past.

                  Yes, I know times were grim a few hundred years ago. And still were by the late 1800’s. But historical romances are not about the grimness. They are not about the fact that most people didn’t reach adulthood with a full set of teeth or that bear baiting and cock fighting were accepted fun sports and that everyone thought a good drawing and quartering were excuses for a day off work. They are about two people falling in love. They are about sweeping capes and plunging horses or clean, gentlemanly pirates. And best of all, they always have an HEA, a Happily Ever After.

                  OK, so I loved fairy tales as a child. Er…still do. And maybe, as some have said, romances are fairy tales for adults—because they have that HEA. But fairy tales had messages and so do romances. They often teach us what a real man is like and how a woman should expect to be treated. There are stories about triumph over tragedy and treating the earth well. It isn’t just history we can expect to learn from a romance.

                  But in the pages of a romance, the learning is easy—and fun. And at the end, you are uplifted. You close the cover with a smile.

                  If you read my latest book, Conquest of the Heart, I hope you will be uplifted—and learn just a bit of history.


Her people conquered his country. How can they overcome the distrust they feel to find love? 

Madeline wants a big, brash, never-defeated-in-battle, Norman knight. What she gets, by order of the king, is a wiry Saxon who once studied for the priesthood instead of warfare. But is this gentle man she has fallen in love with entangled in the rebellion now sweeping the land?
Ranulf wants to marry the girl next door. What he gets, by order of the king , is a lush, strong Norman woman who just might be a spy reporting his every move. He wants her in every way a man can possibly want a woman. But can he trust his heart to a woman who might have been sent to root out the struggle for freedom his people are engaged in?


She did not cry out or pull away. She opened her mouth farther, inviting a deeper taste of her sweetness, an invitation that this time, he did not ignore. She swayed against him, and the combined heat of their bodies seemed to melt them together, fusing them into one. 

Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind he marveled at how well their two bodies fit together, curve to cavern, hill to hollow, swell to depression. He started when her hand touched the bare flesh of his back, and again when her other one was also laid upon him, was utterly lost to dignity when they moved over his skin.

His own hands began to explore, almost, it seemed, of their own volition, but he drank in their findings, savoring the slope of her shoulder, the long curve of her back, a cresting buttock. His hands found it all, gliding over her, sending searing sensations to him to feed his hunger for her. But it was an insatiable hunger, a hunger that grew with each touch, each caress, each play of tongue on tongue.

One of his hands searched upward from her waist, climbed the mound of her breast, and was rewarded by a hardening nub at the peak. He pressed closer, wanting that union of flesh with flesh that could not be accomplished through layers of silk and linen. He pressed against her and she stumbled back a step. He turned her so that her back was to the oak and ground into her, tongue thrusting, loins pressing in a frenzy to intermesh.

Her hands moved with an equal searching frenzy across his back, kneading, clawing, wanting, urging him on. He grabbed at her skirt, trying to lift it, but the fullness of it defeated him, slithering back into the path of his groping hand, blocking him from his goal of bared thigh and hip and belly. He heard her moan and its plaintive note lent him new resourcefulness.

Guest Post—Her Type Of Guy

Today, I have Michaela here talking about her newest release with her partners in crime. 

Do you think everyone has their perfect person out there?
What if you have a few peculiarities or kinks? Then what?
Well this anthology of short stories is all about finding the right girl who accepts you are special in your own way.
Her Type of Guy is available from Evernight Publishing right now. It features  10 sexy short stories that are perfect to read when you minutes rather than hours. Each story will leave you with that ‘ahhh’ feeling!
And who are my partners in crime? They are wonderfully talented ladies with rather wild ideas: Doris O’Connor, Raven McAllan, Ella Grey, Morgan King and me (Michaela Rhua – although I wouldn’t necessarily say I am wonderfully talented!)

For every desire, there’s a man to meet it. Someone’s annoyance is another’s kink. In this naughty collection of short stories, indulge your fantasies, and follow our heroines as they find just the right type of guy or guys…
From bouncing cocks to virgins, slow coaches, true Scotsmen, and messy play partners, sex toy experts and their mischievous friends, these guys are in need of their ladies. Why is one guy too grumpy to believe, another always too early? And can there ever be a future with a hired killer?
Only one way to find out. You might just meet your ideal guy. 
Here are two snippets from my stories in this hot little collection.
Snail’s Pace.
Adam watched Sophie work from behind his glasses as he had done many times. He knew her routine well: tidying the shelves, restocking the popular titles, fluffing the cushions and sorting the toys. Her movements were swift; she brought order to whatever she touched. He longed for her slender hands to touch him and for those long legs to be wound around his waist as he ground into her. Her round breasts looked like they would overfill his hands.
The jangling of the bell awoke him from his daydream. That is all it was pure fantasy. 
Ready for another?
Only When Allowed.
Stopping right in front of him, she lifted a finger to his face. She traced the outline of his lips and slowly down his chin. Alex was rooted to the spot. Lillian leaned into him and her warm breath fanned his ear.
“Come,” she said before turning and walking away towards the lifts.
Alex did not need to think twice. He almost ran to follow his boss, ready to obey her every command. 
Why not check out this collection of naughty stories here:
Feel free to stalk me here:
Michaela Rhua
Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she is multi published and loves writing!
She has teenage children and a husband, who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.

Excerpt Tuesdays with London Saint James

Blackthorn Printing made a splash in the publishing world with the introduction of Dark Tales Diaries, yet despite his efforts, Tristan Blackthorn isn’t any closer to finding the woman he seeks. Unwilling to give up on his lost love, his search for Keira continues in Volume Two.
A voyeuristic moment leads an astronomy professor and his assistant to a steamy endeavor on The Observation Deck.
An invitation for cocktails has the reclusive woman who lives in 204-B pondering why the handsome, wealthy owner of her building would invite her to anything. Does she have enough guts to go to The Top Floor?
And a Maestro strikes the right cord with a young and talented cellist who is trying to find her passion.
Be Warned: voyeurism, bondage, spanking, sex toys, anal sex
Adult Excerpt:
     “Come on, Tristan,” Keira said, giggling playfully as she shut her diary.
     “What new story have you added? One of love? Intrigue? A tale of the forbidden?” I inquired while eyeing the leather bound book.
     Keira laid it aside, and rose to her feet. “I’ll read them to you, someday.”
     She slipped out of her white cotton dress, leaving her sandals in the wake of snow-colored material at my feet. I leaned my back against the trunk of the tree, pretending to rest, but in truth, rest was the furthest thing from my mind.
     Keira twirled on the ball of her foot, more graceful than any dancer.
     “Do that again,” I said.
     The sun broke through the leaves on the trees, and set her long raven tresses into brilliant highlights that shimmered in deepened shades of blue-black. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She alone encapsulated perfection, with her small, pert breasts slightly covered by her long hair, and when she moved, the gumdrop point of a pale-pink nipple peeked through some of the strands. She raised her arms above her head, giving me a full view of her extended frame, and did something of a provocative pirouette before turning to face the pond.
     Her slender waist gave way to rounded hips that swayed seductively as she tiptoed, nude, toward the edge of the water. She stuck one toe in, and looked at me over her slender shoulder. Her jewel-green eyes penetrated my soul.
      Keira twisted her long hair up, and used the dark pieces that fell from her fingers to weave her tresses into a tied-off knot, freeing the canvas of her back. The dappled shade that fell from one of the overhanging branches caressed the curve of her spine like a long lost lover, and in that instant I wanted to kiss the dimples above her heart-shaped ass. The thought stirred up something much more primal.
     “Are you coming?” she asked.
     When Keira licked the plumpness of her lips, my cock ached for her.
     “Definitely,” I said, and stood from my shaded spot under the oak, toeing off my shoes in a hurry, before ridding myself of my shirt and pants.
     Once free of my clothing, I bounded toward her. She grinned and jumped before my hand made contact with her arm. I wasted no time, and followed in behind her. Our heads popped to the surface in unison, with her joyous laughter filling the air.
     “I bet you can’t catch me,” she taunted in a cutesy voice before diving beneath the murky pool.
     I studied the trail of bubbles and waves she made, guessing where she might come up, then made my way onto the grassy bank, crossed over the plank bridge, and hopped into the water off the south bank. When she resurfaced, I snatched her up.
     “Got you,” I said, and placed a kiss to her lips.
     She wiggled. Her moist mouth left mine. “No fair, Tristan. You were supposed to swim and catch me, not cheat, and wait until I ran out of air.”
     “You never outlined the rules. And besides, I play to win.”
     Keira, shook her head. Water rolled along her nose, over her parted lips, and down her chin before the wandering drop found its home in the pond.
     “I know you do,” she said, rubbing her nose against mine. “That’s one of the things I love about you.”  
     “What else do you love about me?”
     “I’m not telling.”
     I placed my lips to her tempting neck, traced a line with the tip of my nose to the end of her ear, and sucked her lobe into my mouth. “What if I persuade you to tell me?”
    She moaned my name, and draped her arms around my neck. “Don’t stop doing that, and I might be persuaded.”
     Keira wrapped her long legs around my waist. The head of my hard cock slipped between our two intertwined bodies. She pressed herself against me, tighter. Warmth worked its way through my essence as I slid my manhood in-between her parted lower lips. I wanted to explore all of her with my hands, my dick, and my mouth. One hand remained on the back of her slim neck while the other left her lower back to discover the wonder of her ass. Flames, not water lapped at my skin with a desire beyond words.
For a limited time, Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One is 99 cents on Amazon

For years, Tristan Blackthorn has toiled to find his lost love. He finally decides to use Blackthorn Printing, along with his newly created Dark Tales Diaries, as a way to find herWill her story be one of the three tales in Volume One?

Mistress Guinevere’s calling card is her Red Stilettos. She specializes in a particular fetish and always maintains her control, until a man from her past returns to test her will. 
A recently divorced woman experiences the effects of empty nest syndrome after her twins head off to college. With the clock ticking away, she decides it’s far past time to seek out something that has always eluded her. Will she find what she’s looking for withThe Leather’s Edge?
And a bored computer programmer learns what it’s like to feel sexual freedom after being bound by a Master in Safe Word.

Be Warned: bondage, anal sex, sex toys, fetish
Buy Links:    Evernight Publishing     Amazon    All Romance eBooks 
About London:
London wrote her first short story in the second grade.  Her teacher informed her parents London had a big imagination, but having a big imagination wasn’t necessarily a good thing as far as he was concerned.  Without watering that seed of imagination, London placed her vivid characters, her childhood stories, along with her imagination on the shelf, where they would wither for a while.  At the urging of her eighth grade English teacher, London pulled her imagination off that shelf, and wrote her second short story.  To no surprise, it was a love story inspired by a song.  Then as life does, it moves on, so yet again London placed her imagination on the shelf to wither for a while.  She needed to do the “sensible thing.”
The sensible thing earned London a degree in Psychology, but while in college she traversed into writing once more, and was encouraged by a couple of professors to pursue that endeavor.  She took on the world of written word, and has never looked back. 
London writes erotic romance from sweet to downright naughty.  She is an author for Evernight Publishing, a member of the Romance Writers of America, and a member of Passionate Ink.
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Sexy Snippets—Breaking the Huddle

I hope y’all are having a great weekend. This week’s sexy snippet is from Breaking the Huddle, my first m/m romance.

Another groan pierced the air, almost causing Mac to spit out his beer. He sat the can on the counter and took a breath. He  made  his  way  down  the  hall  and  stopped  outside  his  roommate’s   door. Antino laid on his bed, his cock firmly in his grasp, as he stroked himself up and then down over and over. Naked as the day he was born. His golden skin was such a contrast against the black covers he laid  on  top  of. Muscles  rippled  from  every  part  of  his  body  and  Mac’s  cock   stirred  to  life  again.

Here’s the blurb.

Mac Campbell has had a crush on his best friend and roommate Antino Lopez for years…except he can’t like men, he’s a football player. He’s known as the ladies man and he plays the part to a T. Except something is missing. He knows that men turn him on, but he doesn’t want to admit the truth…until Antino dares him. He wonders afterwards if he can go back to being a ladies man again. Is he finally ready to admit the truth to himself that he’s known all his life?
Antino has loved Mac for long as he can remember. On the outside, his buddy sees someone who dates one man after another, but on the inside he’s waiting patiently for the chance to be with Mac. One night when he catches him masturbating, he knows this is his chance to challenge him to try being with a man, just once. He plans on making this a dare he won’t lose, and gain everything he’s always wanted—Mac.

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