Excerpt Tuesday

This week’s Excerpt Tuesday comes from my newest release. It’s a hot read from nine authors. It’s already a bestseller on ARe and Bookstrand.

Bailey watched as her gaze darkened, his erection pressed
painfully against his shorts, and still he couldn’t let go of her. When she’d opened the door thirty minutes ago, he damn near choked on his tongue. Laura’s pink tank top caressed her chest and hips like a lover’s hand. The tight cut-off shorts she wore forced all the blood from his body south, and he moved the toolbox in front to hide his erection.
He hadn’t seen her properly in the seven years since his high school graduation. He had moved away for college and by the time he’d gotten back, she had moved away to college. They’d ran into each other at a mutual friend’s party a couple nights ago. He’d thought the attraction would have been long gone, but no and this time it felt even stronger. He still loved her. When the hell did she get breasts?
And those hips would have any man falling behind her panting. He’d always thought she was pretty, but Greg had warned him back in High School not to look at her in that way.
Bailey reached around and grabbed her little waist, pulling her close. Her breath caught as she stared back at him. Slowly her tongue peeked out and moistened her lips. He desperately wanted to know how that tongue would feel on his cock.
“When did you grow up?” His voice sounded as if he’d swallowed gravel. His gaze drifted down her shoulders, to her perky breasts.
“It’s been a few years.”
When he reached around to remove her hair tie, her eyes never left his. Fuck, he should keep his promise to Greg, but having the reason for his late night wet dreams wrapped in his arms, made it hard to think of anything else. He’d lost count of how many times he’d fantasized about her. Laura’s breasts pressed against his chest, lighting his body on fire. He couldn’t take it anymore.
His right hand slid down her neck, past her shoulder, on a path towards her hips before he moved back over her taut stomach. Sliding two fingers over the soft side of her breast, she moaned. Bailey cupped her cheek, leaned in, and pressed his lips lightly against hers. Slowly he traced her lips in a silent plea to open.
As she obliged, he slanted his mouth over hers, peaches assaulted his senses. God, he needed more of her. Whatever blood he had left in his body went straight to his cock. With the next swipe of his tongue, he took the kiss deepen; her arms snaked around his neck. After a moment, she pressed her body closer to his and relaxed into the kiss. When had he ever gotten so lost in a kiss?
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Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s six comes from my new release that includes 9 hot stories from 9 awesome authors. In less than 24 hours it hit ARe bestseller list along with Bookstrand. It’s also sitting at #1 for anthology’s on  Bookstrand.

Laura turned and caught sight of Bailey working over the sink, his biceps flexing. Her breath caught in her throat. She grabbed the counter, resisting the urge to run her fingers down his shoulders to where his muscles flexed. Slow down, Sista.
“Would you like something to drink?”
Glancing over his shoulder, he sent her a smile that shot straight to her core, forcing her to press her legs together, but it only intensified the sensation adding more wetness to her already soaked thong.

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Virgins Behaving Badly Release Day

They may be virgins right now but they’re ready to give it all up….
She’s fantasized about her two best friends for years, he’s ready to let the woman next door teach him what loving is all about. Who says your first time can’t include cuffs, or a spanking to make you scream? 
A collection of nine tantalising tales from Evernight Publishing. Get ready to fan the flames as the men and women of this anthology behave badly.

My book Her Seduction is part of this hot anthology and here’s a blurb of that book.

Laura Cox has been in love with her brother’s best friend Bailey Johnson since high school, but has kept her feelings to herself. Now that she’s finished with college and has moved back home with her brother, she’s got a plan. She’s never had sex, and she plans on changing that by seducing him into teaching her about being a submissive. The thing she never counted on was that he’s playing for keeps.
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I Was A Virgin Once Blog Hop

While this is so very true, I’m not going to be talking about what you might think. I do believe my husband would kill me if I told about my first time on my blog. *Turns to look over her shoulder, and making sure he’s not there.* Okay, so anyways back to business. Those of us in the Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology wanted to do a blog hop to get the word out about our book coming out this Friday March 16th.

Oh, yes, lets see, about my first time writing a sex scene. I remember it well; it was in a YA book I was attempting to write for my daughters to read. I had no plans for my hero and heroine to end up having sex on the couch and sure enough not having sex at all in the book. For goodness sake this was geared toward  kids my kids’ age. It wasn’t a bad sex scene at all and it was pretty hot for my first one if I say so myself, but it was so full of crap as well. I’ve come a long way since writing that scene.

That night after writing that scene, or was it during the day, oh hell I don’t remember at all not that really matters. I decided that I need to try my hand at romance for adults and not YA. Even once I moved to that genre my sex scenes weren’t tame. It seemed as if once I started writing towards getting published in the romance genre my sex scenes started getting so much hotter and open doors. It wasn’t until I started writing my debut book, Road to Recovery did I really let go, and let my characters tell me how the sex scene will go, and that’s when my sex scenes started scorching up the screen.

So, there you have it how I wrote my first sex scene and how they got hotter. I hope you’ll go and catch the others in the anthology, and see about their first time.

Oh, I almost forgot, before I give you a glimpse into my book in this. You can win a copy! All you have to do is blog, tweet, Facebook about this anthology, POST THE LINK where you did this in a comment, and you’re entered for a chance to win a copy of this fabulous anthology! Now make sure leave your email address, so I know how to contact you if you win. Make sure in your link to direct people to Evernight Publishing. You have until March 16 to get your name in the drawing.

Here’s a sneak peak at Her Seduction that’s in Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology.

Her Seduction Blurb
Laura Cox has been in love with her brother’s best friend Bailey Johnson since high school, but has kept her feelings to herself. Now that she’s finished with college and has moved back home with her brother, she’s got a plan. She’s never had sex, and she plans on changing that by seducing him into teaching her about being a submissive. The thing she never counted on was that he’s playing for keeps.

Adult Excerpt

“Yes, I’m ready.”
Pulling back, Bailey gazed at her for a moment. Her blue eyes showed hesitation, but desire burned deep within those eyes. He hoped he wouldn’t screw her up after all of this. Something told him she could handle it, that she could be the one for him.
“We need a safe word. Don’t make any mistake, I’m in charge once we cross over the doorway to the bedroom, but I never want you to feel unsafe with me. Before you use the word, make sure you’re in pain and not just discomfort.
She nodded. “Canes.”
He barely suppressed a laugh. He should have known she’d pick that, after all it was her favorite hockey team. “Okay, Canes it is. Strip.”
“Right here in the living room? Shouldn’t we go into the bedroom?”
“If I thought we needed to go in there, I would have told you to. You have five seconds to start stripping before you’re punished.”
Her eyes widened as she took in a sharp breath. The thought of being spanked excited her; he could tell. Her pupils dilated and he could smell her arousal. He’d bet anything that she was wet for him, and soon he planned on finding out just how wet. Laura hesitated for half a second before grabbing the hem of her tank top and pulling it over her head.
God, how he wanted to be the red lacy bra that held her lush breasts. More blood rushed to his cock, making it harder than it had ever been before. Quickly, she removed her bra, shorts and matching red thong.
“Good girl. Go into the bedroom. Get on the bed on your back, legs spread, so I can see that
sweet pussy of yours.”
He watched the way her hips swayed as she made her way to the bedroom. She climbed onto the bed and got into position. Uncertainty and arousal crossed her face. He reached into the nightstand and grabbed some handcuffs and ankle cuffs. “For this time only, if anything scares you, tell me and we’ll talk it through.”
* * * *
What had she been thinking of asking Bailey to dom her? Sure, she wanted to learn, but as he held the cuffs in his hand, she wondered if maybe she’d gotten in too deep for her first sexual experience to be this. Then another part was so turned on that she didn’t want to stop.
“Do you understand?”
He wanted her to say it. Excitement built in her stomach, ready to burst from the seams that this was about to happen. Ever since reading an erotic book, she’d fantasized about this, and with him being her first. “Yes, Sir.”
He leaned over her, his chest so close that she could feel the heat radiating off him. The only sound in the room was their breathing and the clicking of the cuffs in place. He trailed a hand between the valley of her breasts, slipping over the top, and rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
Anxiety gripped her like a vice, confusing her. When she had walked through the door she knew what she wanted, but now she wasn’t so sure. Deep down she still wanted to do this and see what it was like, and she wanted Bailey to be her first.What will my brother think? Have I lost my ever living mind? Both things kept swirling around her head until she felt dizzy.
“Breathe in with me.”
Panic flooded her body; maybe she’d gotten in over her head. Someway, somehow, the command in his voice calmed her, and she found herself doing as he told her. He pressed his forehead against hers and waited until she breathed in and out with him. The lines in his face softened as the panic went away; she relaxed into him.
“Good girl. Are you okay?”
“Yes, what?” he asked softly.

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Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s six sentence comes from my book, Her Seduction that’s in the Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology coming out March 16. In this scene Bailey and Laura are in the pool.

He’d deal with whatever happened later. He had to be with her…now. They weren’t teens anymore. Pulling back, her eyes opened slowly but he couldn’t miss the darkened gaze.
“Wrap your legs around me,” he slid his hands to her hips but stopped.

If you would like to join in with some awesome authors for Six Sentence Sunday, go here.