Guardian Possession by Michaela Rhua

Guardian Possession by Michaela Rhua

Long Blurb
Royanne longs to be free of everyone’s expectations. Meeting a mysterious stranger who she is drawn to confuses her. He feeds her longing to be free and ignites a fire inside of her. She is aroused by this tortured soul. When he kidnaps her and reveals his plan, she is torn between loathing him and wanting him.
Zachriel is under orders from the Dark Master—kidnap Guardian demon Royanne. Only hiding away until the coast is clear draws him closer to her, especially as she seems to see the real man in him.
Rescued at last, Royanne feels uncertain what to do. For Zachriel his past is revealed and he must face the truth. This truth cuts to his very soul and questions who he really is. Now he must come to terms with the lie that has been his life. Royanne fights her feelings for Zachriel. She begins to see him as a kindred spirit. There is only one thing to do reveal her love for him. Can she convince him her feelings are real and he is worth loving?
“Oh, okay.” Royanne seemed to accept who he was. But then, he knew she would; being a demon with the ability to possess minds, he could easily mold her thoughts. She stepped out of the doorway more into the alleyway.
That’s good, feel comfortable with me.
“I saw you dancing, you move well,” he commented.
“Thank you. I am Royanne.” She offered her hand.
Yes, contact, that is what I need again.
He took his hands out of his pocket and reached out. His large, calloused hand enveloped hers, and her warmth met his cold. She was soft, and he wondered if the rest of her was the same.
“I’m Zach, good to meet you,” Zach replied while inching closer. Touching her was enough to establish a link to her mind. I have you now. She was still wary but calm. Underneath the layers of her mind was something else. Need. This I can work with.
“So, how you finding life at base?” he asked, still holding her hand.
“Well, you know fun, fun, fun!” she replied sarcastically.
He could feel she was unhappy.
“It all helps for the future, you know.” He sensed her need for freedom.
Royanne moved her hand away, but he noticed she lingered at little as they released their grips. He had her now; her mind was his, but he needed more. A taste of her, then the link would be stronger. Damn, there were too many people passing the entrance to the alleyway for him to make his move now. If he got her wanting him enough to go to a hotel room, that would be perfect.
He could read strands of desire in her mind. He planted more, he planted himself. This little Guardian was proving easier to manipulate than he had first thought. But what did they know of strength? All their kind was good for was the torture of the young and weak. He was no longer young or weak. The Dark Master had ensured they took care of him, nurtured, and trained to be a warrior of worth. Zach reached out and touched her bare arm lightly. With feather-like fingers, he stroked her skin. Royanne’s gaze drifted to his fingers playing on her skin. She had not recoiled, which was good. He became bolder as he moved his hands to her shoulder. Her skin was warm and smooth. Zach maintained eye contact, knowing it would strengthen his bond with her. He caressed her cheek, and he slid his other hand lower to hold her curved hip and then her rounded ass. He massaged her ass cheek, and when no resistance was apparent, he lowered his lips to her pinky full lips, that called to him to kiss and claim. She seemed frozen to the spot. Yes, just as he liked them, under his control, helpless. He had her mind.
Fire met ice. She kissed him back with equal force, which surprised him. Does this Guardian actually want me? Her hands drifted to his hips, and he felt her grip tighten, and she brought him closer into her. Oh hell, she tastes so good. He let his tongue play with her mouth, then dart between those parted  sweet lips. Her mouth was wet and warm, just as he hoped her pussy would be when his cock entered her. He cupped her breast with one hand and found her nipple taut. Kissing down her neck, he lowered her strap down her shoulder to reveal a heavy breast waiting for him. He played with her nipples with his fingers before his mouth took over. He licked them all over, the tip of his tongue flicking backward and forward.
“Oh yes,” she groaned.
Then he took her wet nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Her hips moved with every suck. Zach wondered how wet she was. He continued sucking but used one hand to lift her dress up and brought the other hand straight to her panties. He was delighted to find them getting damp. He pulled the seam aside, and he discovered she was smooth.
“Oh, so wet for me, Royanne,” he said as he kissed down her stomach.
Her mind told him she wanted his mouth where his fingers played. He tore the scrap of material away and lifted her leg over his shoulder. He hungered for her, so he went to work with his mouth and tongue. Licking around her swollen lips, he sucked her clit before letting his tongue establish a rhythm. Royanne moaned and grabbed his head, pushing her hips farther into his face. The enemy tasted divine, sweet and musky. She was so close, he could read her fully now.
But no! Control was important now. He could not let her come here in this alleyway; he needed her alone to complete his mission. He stopped and got to his feet. Her eyes were dazed, and her mind was confused.
“Why did you stop?” she questioned.
“Not here.” He scanned the alleyway. “I want you on a bed where I can enjoy you fully.” He knew she agreed.
“I’ll get my purse and follow you out,” she said, straightening her dress.
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Author Bio:
Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she loves writing!
She has teenage children and a husband, who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.
Michaela is a multi-published author with Breathless Press, Evernight Publishing and a self-published anthology with authors from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

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Why I read romance—Michele Stegman

Why I read romance.
                  I love to read. Always have. My mom told me that even as a baby of less than a year old, if she wanted to keep me busy, she set me on the floor with some magazines and books. I grew up reading science fiction and historical fiction. Then I discovered romance—historical romance–and fell in love with reading all over again.

                  I love to learn history, which was my major in grad school, and it is so much fun to learn it from a really good historical romance author. I spend a lot of time looking things up and reading about them further when I read a good historical romance. And I can usually tell, even without looking things up to check, whether or not the author has done her research or if she is just throwing in an occasional “gown, tunic, chain mail, or castle” to make her book sound like it is set in the past.

                  Yes, I know times were grim a few hundred years ago. And still were by the late 1800’s. But historical romances are not about the grimness. They are not about the fact that most people didn’t reach adulthood with a full set of teeth or that bear baiting and cock fighting were accepted fun sports and that everyone thought a good drawing and quartering were excuses for a day off work. They are about two people falling in love. They are about sweeping capes and plunging horses or clean, gentlemanly pirates. And best of all, they always have an HEA, a Happily Ever After.

                  OK, so I loved fairy tales as a child. Er…still do. And maybe, as some have said, romances are fairy tales for adults—because they have that HEA. But fairy tales had messages and so do romances. They often teach us what a real man is like and how a woman should expect to be treated. There are stories about triumph over tragedy and treating the earth well. It isn’t just history we can expect to learn from a romance.

                  But in the pages of a romance, the learning is easy—and fun. And at the end, you are uplifted. You close the cover with a smile.

                  If you read my latest book, Conquest of the Heart, I hope you will be uplifted—and learn just a bit of history.


Her people conquered his country. How can they overcome the distrust they feel to find love? 

Madeline wants a big, brash, never-defeated-in-battle, Norman knight. What she gets, by order of the king, is a wiry Saxon who once studied for the priesthood instead of warfare. But is this gentle man she has fallen in love with entangled in the rebellion now sweeping the land?
Ranulf wants to marry the girl next door. What he gets, by order of the king , is a lush, strong Norman woman who just might be a spy reporting his every move. He wants her in every way a man can possibly want a woman. But can he trust his heart to a woman who might have been sent to root out the struggle for freedom his people are engaged in?


She did not cry out or pull away. She opened her mouth farther, inviting a deeper taste of her sweetness, an invitation that this time, he did not ignore. She swayed against him, and the combined heat of their bodies seemed to melt them together, fusing them into one. 

Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind he marveled at how well their two bodies fit together, curve to cavern, hill to hollow, swell to depression. He started when her hand touched the bare flesh of his back, and again when her other one was also laid upon him, was utterly lost to dignity when they moved over his skin.

His own hands began to explore, almost, it seemed, of their own volition, but he drank in their findings, savoring the slope of her shoulder, the long curve of her back, a cresting buttock. His hands found it all, gliding over her, sending searing sensations to him to feed his hunger for her. But it was an insatiable hunger, a hunger that grew with each touch, each caress, each play of tongue on tongue.

One of his hands searched upward from her waist, climbed the mound of her breast, and was rewarded by a hardening nub at the peak. He pressed closer, wanting that union of flesh with flesh that could not be accomplished through layers of silk and linen. He pressed against her and she stumbled back a step. He turned her so that her back was to the oak and ground into her, tongue thrusting, loins pressing in a frenzy to intermesh.

Her hands moved with an equal searching frenzy across his back, kneading, clawing, wanting, urging him on. He grabbed at her skirt, trying to lift it, but the fullness of it defeated him, slithering back into the path of his groping hand, blocking him from his goal of bared thigh and hip and belly. He heard her moan and its plaintive note lent him new resourcefulness.

Historical Romance

A lot of work goes into writing any book, but I think it’s safe to say that there are some genres of romance that are more difficult to write, just based on the amount of research that has to be done. Historical books pose a threat to any writer, because not only do we have to procure a good story but we also have to make things historically correct, else we get hung out to dry with the rest of wrong-doers (haha).
My novella, Forbidden Angel, is set in a concentration camp at the end of WWII. Here are some of the tactics I used when it came to making my story historically correct
-I didn’t limit myself to the characteristics of one certain concentration camp (example: Auschwitz). Instead I did research on all prevalent camps, like—Dachau, the extermination camp Sobibor, and of course Auschwitz. I took the knowledge that I learned about camps like these and used it to create the setting for the characters in my novella.

-I also did a lot of double checking, which is probably one of the best tactics to use. Don’t trust anything you find online, unless there are multiple sources that back it up, especially when it comes to Wikipedia. It’s very useful, but not always correct.

This time period is a rather difficult to capture since this is such a tragic event in our history. It is hard to portray something like a romance within the walls of a place where happiness isn’t a common denominator; especially between the Jewish people being held prisoner and the Nazi’s holding them captive. This was a big reason that I chose this story, because it was a challenge. A relationship between these two people seems nigh impossible, based on the circumstances that bring them together.
It’s funny because when I read books about paranormal heroes who are known killers of hundreds, and are proclaimed evil, I don’t think twice about it. When it comes to a German Nazi soldier, it’s hard for me to think of any qualities he could have where he can redeem himself. (Funny how that works, right?) Writing Sarah and Aurel’s story was definitely a challenge for me, especially since I had a hero whom I disliked at first, but grew to love in the end.
With all of that being said, I hope you will check out my debut novella, Forbidden Angel. Available now from Breathless Press!

Forbidden Angel
Timeless-Historical Romance
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When captured by the Nazi’s, Sarah finds herself in a concentration camp that not only brings her closer to death…but closer to love.
Sarah Brenner, a young Jewish woman, is terrified when she finds herself in the heat of a railcar bound for a work camp in Nazi Germany. For years she, along with her mother and sister, had hidden from the SS, but no one could hide forever. Her hatred for those who have enslaved them is ever-growing, especially when they arrive and she encounters the shockingly handsome Nazi doctor who can’t seem to keep his eyes—or hands—off her.
Aurel Rothstein is not your everyday concentration camp physician. The endless prisoners and lack of care he’s allowed to give have made him numb to the work he so coveted. It isn’t until he comes face to face with a beautiful prisoner that his heart becomes involved with his job—a forbidden and fatal move to any Nazi.
When a vile soldier takes direct interest in Sarah, she will be forced to make a choice that will change her life forever: ignore the pull toward the handsome doctor or give in to the forbidden passion he awakens with only a look. Either way they both risk everything…
The doctor was kissing her. She was kissing him back. Sarah had been afraid when he’d carried her to his office. The word “experimentation” terrified her, but he did nothing of the sort. He’d actually fed her and given her some water. He even made her something to take back to her family. He was being so kind, and when his gaze smoldered and he said something about inspecting her body, she’d easily melted for him.
There was something wrong with her. She shouldn’t be feeling this way, but the moment his rough hands caressed her achy back, she was lost to her nerve endings. Never before had she felt such desire from the mere brush of fingertips against her skin. The pain in her back immediately ceased, and all she could feel was pleasure.
His kiss was soft and tentative at first, as if he was afraid he’d scare her away, but she kissed him back and reveled in the groan of defeat he gave. He ran his hands deliciously over her hardened nipples, teasing them, tracing where his mouth had kissed just moments before.
He’s a bad person, her mind kept trying to tell her, but she ignored the warning. Something about this man just felt so right.
“What’s your name, angel?” he asked as he broke away from her lips. Did he just call her angel? She pondered this pet name for a moment before he leaned in and nipped her neck.
“Mmm, I’m no angel.” She truly wasn’t. She was selfish just like any other person.
“Yes, you are, angel. Your name?”
“Sarah,” she murmured as he traced his tongue along her sensitive collarbone. Never in her life had anything felt this good. She’d been with one man before they stopped going into public. She didn’t dislike the sexual acts she explored with him, but they felt like nothing compared to this.
“If I am an angel, then so are you.” Sarah temporarily forgot his actions outside of this room, the other things he did. Only an angel could bring forth sensations this exquisite.
“No, that I am not.” His voice rumbled like a hurricane.
“Okay, a dark angel then, but still an angel.”
About the Author
Megan D. Martin is a content editor at Breathless Press, and loves her job more than a normal person should. She was born and raised in a small Texas town, where she still resides with her delightfully rotten son. She enjoys decorating her home with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks. Forbidden Angel is her debut novella. To learn more about Megan and her writing check her out on these social networking sites:

Nevil’s View on Love and Marriage

Nevil’s View on Love and Marriage
Welcome! Thank you so much for coming. I’m Nevil, and this gorgeous man on the couch next to me is Shelton. *Shelton waves but lets Nevil continue.
First off, I’d like to thank Alyssa for having us on her lovely blog today. Isn’t it pretty? And some of those pictures! *smacks lips together
*Shelton raises a brow and leans forward: Just ignore Nevil. He forgets how to behave in public. Please, sit down. Coffee? Iced tea? *He gets up to fetch the drinks
*Nevil moves closer and winks: Good, now we can talk. Love and marriage? Well, I can chat all day about love. Before I met my lovely Shelton, I was perfectly content with being single. I’d meet up with friends, have a few drinks, and occasionally spend the night if we were both interested. I certainly wasn’t looking for anything long term. Commitment? Why?
But two years ago my architectural firm renovated the bank where Shelton was working at the time. I caught one heated glance from those gorgeous hazel eyes and I was hooked without even knowing it.
Of course I struggled, keeping Shelton at arms length. I’d definitely sleep with him, but no way was I going to give up my freedom and be trapped into some pointless relationship. But somehow Shelton’s gentleness and sweet nature and overall sexiness wormed their way into my heart. I’d have been a fool to throw away the best thing that had ever happened to me: Shelton’s love.
So here we are, two years later, still in a committed, wonderful relationship despite the bumps along the way. But now Shelton is talking about marriage. My first instinct is to run away like hell! Why would I want to bind myself up with chains society doesn’t even recognize? Shelton knows I love him. That should be enough.
It came to me slowly, but I finally realized that marriage means different things to different people. To me it had always been a pretty pointless ceremony. But to Shelton, with his warm and generous heart… *Nevil blushes: He says he loves me and wants to share that joy with all our family and friends. How can I deny him that?
*Shelton returns and Nevil pulls him down beside him: I was telling them about my thoughts on marriage. How does this December sound to you?
*Shelton blinks, then hides his face against Nevil’s shoulder. Nevil laughs: I’ll take that as a yes!
Prize time! Okay, as a thank you for listening to me ramble on, I’d like to give a PDF copy of ‘Shelton’s Homecoming’ to one of our commenters. Don’t forget to leave your contact information!
Shelton’s Homecoming
Shelton’s grown tired of living a life separate from Nevil. So when Nevil is hurt in an accident at work, Shelton comes home for good. Feeling closer than ever to his lover, Shelton’s ready to make a lasting commitment to their relationship. But is that what Nevil wants? Nevil is less than enthusiastic when an old flame marries, leaving Shelton wondering if he’ll have to keep his dreams on hold indefinitely.
Shelton’s anger melted away when Nevil’s thumb touched his lips. He teased his lips open and then leaned in to brush his mouth over Shelton’s. “Come here,” he murmured. He pulled Shelton toward the building behind them. Shelton didn’t care where they went—anywhere, as long as he could still kiss Nevil.
Nevil pulled a ring of keys from a pocket, and let them in the front entrance of the abandoned office building. He locked the door behind them, and urged Shelton through a door on the right, latching that one as well. A quick glance around the room showed Shelton a desk littered with drawings and several vacant chairs. Nevil’s hand went around the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss that left him shaky.
God, yes! Shelton devoured Nevil’s mouth. Their tongues fenced and twined as Shelton sucked on the moist sweetness within. His senses ignited. His need for Nevil became an almost animalistic lust. This was more than love. He needed to join with his lover, tangled in a celebration of life.
His fingers dropped to Nevil’s zipper and in seconds his hand wrapped around his sleek, hard cock. His moan echoed Nevil’s. Shelton’s dick thrust forward at a tug on the buttons of his jeans. He slid his free hand up Nevil’s back and urged him closer as he tried to deepen their kiss.
Nevil tore his lips from Shelton’s. “Goddamn, Shelton. Help me!”
Shelton blinked, dazed with want, and took in Nevil’s flushed cheeks; his eyes blazed with lust and frustration.
“Sorry,” he mumbled. He took tight hold of his abandoned senses. With care, he lifted the sling over Nevil’s dark head, and helped him out of his coat. He tossed it aside and made Nevil put the sling back on.
“You’ll only try to use it otherwise,” he said, distracted by the buttons on Nevil’s shirt. He undid them one by one; Nevil’s chest heaved as his tongue followed his fingers down his sweat glistened muscles. He became lost in the salty taste and seething skin as he inhaled Nevil’s erotic scent. He found a hard bud and bit it, gently, then soothed it with his tongue.
His mouth traveled lower to follow the sexy line of dark hair to Nevil’s open fly. Pre-cum leaked from the delicious mushroomed head of Nevil’s dick. He knelt to lick at it and slipped his hands inside to cup Nevil’s tight ass. He nudged the slacks down over muscular legs and slid off his shoes.
Nevil shuddered under his touch and Shelton grinned in triumph around Nevil’s cock as he sucked on the end of him. Easing back, he drew his tongue along the thick vein that ran under the hard shaft, and buried his nose in Nevil’s tight sac. He breathed in the heated, musky scent and his head swam. He grazed his teeth along the delicious cock that could give him so much pleasure.
Nevil’s fingers threaded in his curls and urged Shelton to his feet; their lips met in a sensual kiss.
“Undress for me, baby,” Nevil whispered against his mouth. The roughness of his voice sent waves of anticipation through Shelton’s body.
Dianne Hartsock

Excerpt Tuesday

This week I have Sonia Hightower for Excerpt Tuesday.


Their love burns hot, but will it stay fueled?

Crystal is an enlisted mechanic with a tragic past. Grant is an officer and a pilot with a broken heart. When faced with a difficult decision, will Crystal choose wisely or lose the best thing that ever happened to her?

The love between them burns hot, but their relationship won’t stay fueled if they can’t beat the obstacles that stand in their way. Besides breaking the fraternization rules, Grant and Crystal have the difference of race between them…but can they prove to the rest of the world, and to each other, that love is color blind?

Afterburn is about overcoming one’s past, not judging others, learning to forgive, and what it’s like to be a woman in a “man’s world.”
In one swift movement, Grant grasped her by her hips and flipped her onto her back, following her body with his own till he hovered over her. His dark eyes caught her lighter ones and stared into them intently. “Something clicked with you,” he said, his voice husky with emotion. “There’s just something there. I knew it from the moment you popped out from under that wheel well and banged your pretty head on that wing.” He traced a finger down her cheek. She felt a stirring within her. When his finger stopped at her lips, she pursed them and kissed the tip. Grant made a wistful sound, but apparently wasn’t going to be distracted. “I know with you, you won’t hurt me. You have been hurt, just like me, by other people in different ways. There’s a feeling of kinship right here.” He touched the left side of his chest, placing his hand over his heart.

“I feel it too,” Crystal whispered and, feeling a rush of desire for this man, this wondrous, kind-hearted, sexy man, she pulled his finger into her mouth. Her tongue and her eyes hinted at the other places her mouth would go, promising more to come. He replaced his finger with his mouth and, as their tongues mated, she used her body to coax him onto his back once more. She followed him, running her mouth down his neck and his chest, relishing the salty taste of his skin and the vibrations of his moans underneath her fingertips.

She had never felt this sexy, this wanted, this daring in her life. Sex in her past had consisted of awkward fumbling in the dark; heavy, sweaty grunting that ended in immediate snoring. Never before had she gone down on a man without being pressured or coaxed into doing so. Now, as she took his aroused cock in her mouth, she felt no shame, no embarrassment. She wanted to do it. As her tongue tasted him—the maleness, the muskiness, the saltiness that was the very essence of a man—her own juices began to flow again.

You can get your copy of Afterburn from Breathless Press, Amazon, ARe and Bookstrand.

Q&A With Arya Grey

Q&A with Arya Grey 
Alyssa: So, Arya how long have you been writing?

Arya Grey : I’ve been writing for most of my life, but it all started in High School, where I was lucky enough to attend one based on the arts. My Creative Writing teacher was and still is my biggest inspiration. So for nearly 12 years I’ve dabbled, but only started writing books 3 years ago. Time passes when you’re having fun!

Alyssa: What made you pick writing horror?

Arya Grey: Horror describes me best. Just ask those who know me 😉

But on a serious note, I like to scare, and be scared. It puts a different spin on what could be a mundane story, and a good scare never hurt anybody! It’s good for ya!

Alyssa: Are you the kind of author who needs a certain drink or snack nearby when writing? If so, what is it?

Arya GreyNot typically, but if I’m exhausted then a milky coffee and some Cadbury’s chocolate fingers do me nicely. I try not to snack when I write because I pig out when I’m not at my computer! 

Alyssa: How has your life changed since becoming published?

Arya Grey: Well, I suddenly seem to have no time for anything! Ha!

Things are still very much the same. All that’s changed is my workload, and how I spread out my available time. I love to write, and so I don’t let anything get in the way of that.

Alyssa: What can you tell me about your newest release?

Arya GreyWell, what started as a fun exercise with a crit group, soon turned into soon-to-be published Anthology, that spans across 3 books and 12 authors! ‘The Blood Bar Chronicles’ follows 12 writers who meet at a bar, and by the end of the night their lives all change drastically.

I am the 4th story (‘Perfect Timing’) in the first book, entitled “The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1: The Alphas”, where you’ll meet Josie McNair, young, self-conscious and looking for a little excitement in her life. Well, she gets what she asks for when she meets the gorgeous, but strange, David Malm.  

Josie felt strange. A tingling sensation started inside her thighs and traveled up her spine. She gasped and barely h
eld back the scream of ecstasy that threatened to erupt. She crossed her legs and peered over the back of the booth, just as Noelle and Ana were doing, and saw a tall man with long sandy-blond hair and sea-green eyes. She wanted to ravish him
 and she had absolutely no idea why. Every woman in the joint had their eyes set on him, except for Arielle, who just looked confused.
A firm hand grasped her wrist
 and the only thing Josie saw as the world came to a stop around her, were blue-green eyes. Then she was spun into a vortex of wind and colors so bright she had to close her eyes for fear of being blinded. She shrieked at first, but calmed when warm hands spread across her waist and held her tight. She had to try with all of her strength not to throw up the glass of wine she’d drunk too eagerly.
After what felt like an eternity
 she finally felt ground beneath her feet. A cool, calm voice with a soft American accent spoke to her. “Are you okay, sugar? You look a little pale.”
Josie opened her eyes
 and they met with an almost bare chest. The skin was smooth and a splattering of blond hair lay across it. She pushed back from him and looked up. He was smirking.
“What the hell?” She shrieked

and looked around. She was in an old house with antique furniture, yet it smelled like a new car. “Where am I?” She gasped as another wash of ecstasy rolled through her.

I’ve brought you to my house where you’ll be safe,” he said, still smirking. His eyes almost sparkled in the lights of the dining room. “Would you like a drink?”

I’d like you to tell me what’s going on. What exactly am I safe from?” She demanded. 

Well, babydoll, I wish I knew. What I do know is that I couldn’t leave you there salivating.”

I…I feel…” She moaned. She sure as hell wasn’t going to tell this fit-as-fuck stranger that she was close to having an orgasm, all because of some pretty boy. Now, the confident man in tailored clothes standing before her… he was her every fantasy. Hell, she was sure she’d written him into one of her books. She wondered what he looked like under his clothes, but snapped out of it.

You and every other gal in that joint.” He went to a small bar, poured whiskey into a glass, and held it up to Josie. She shook her head in refusal, still trying to keep the wine down. “He must have some sort of call.” He sipped from the glass.

How did we get here? And where exactly is here?” Josie asked and sat back against the long table. Every sense was on high alert. Did someone slip something into my wine?

Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?” His voice, low like a purr, sent shivers down her arms. She had hoped she would meet someone at the end of the night, maybe even go back to their place, but this was not what she had imagined. Of course, the man standing before her was pretty much her description of perfect, but something didn’t feel right.

What about my friends? Are they alright?” Josie’s voice shook as she said the words out loud, but his next words relaxed her.

Your friends are fine. I assure you.” He pressed his lips to the glass once more and walked up to her. Josie held her breath, hoping that her amazing make-up was still intact, and watched his every move. Despite his height he walked with a certain grace, and his eyes told of the many things he’d seen in his life. “And you’re okay, thanks to me.” He traced his fingers lightly down her shoulder. Goose flesh broke across her pale skin, and she let out her breath.

Who are you?” She asked, leaning into him.

My name is David Malm.” He smiled.

Q&A With Kiru Taye

Q&A with romance author Kiru Taye
Kiru’s brief bio: Kiru is the author of passionate contemporary, historical and paranormal romance. Her debut historical novella set in pre-colonial West Africa, His Treasure, is an All Romance eBooks best seller and a Love Romances Cafe Best Book of 2011 nominee.

Alyssa: So, Kiru, how long have you been writing?

Kiru: Hi Alyssa, it’s great to be your guest today. I started writing seriously in January 2010. Prior to that, the last time I wrote stories was in high school. 

Alyssa: What made you pick writing romance?

Kiru: Romantic fiction is a genre I love reading. Out of the paperbacks on my bookshelves, or eBooks on my eReaders (yep, I’ve got two of those) 90% are romance novels. So it kind of made sense that I write about what I love.

Alyssa: Are you the kind of author who needs a certain drink or snack nearby when writing? If so, what is it?

Kiru:  Well, I’ve got to have my cup of hot drink (coffee or Chai tea, depending on my mood) before I can even write anything coherent. lol

Alyssa: How has your life changed since becoming published?

Kiru:  It’s more chaotic. I’m lucky I have a patient husband who appreciates that I don’t work a 9 to 5 job like everyone else.  When I’ve got a deadline, everything else takes a back seat.

Alyssa: What can you tell me about your newest release?

Kiru:  His Strength is book 2 in my Men of Valor historical romance series. It follows the story of Ikem and Nneka who were briefly mentioned in book 1, His Treasure. Each story is a stand-alone and can be read independently. But they are all set in the same location, a village in ancient West Africa and occur around the same event—the New Yam festival. So you get to see how this one event affects the lives of the characters differently. Ikem is a strong alpha who has no qualms about how to tame his strong-willed quarry. But Nneka has a few tricks up her sleeves and certainly keeps him on his toes till the last page.

Here’s the blurb:

When a warrior seeks to claim a free-spirited woman, he soon discovers a tigress unwilling to be caged.
As a young widow, Nneka yearns to be released from the obligations to her late husband’s family and live as an independent woman. With a past coloured by a brutal father, she’ll never yield to another man willingly and will do just about anything to attain that freedom including flouting the laws of the land.

Ikem was unable to claim Nneka once because his lineage meant he wasn’t good enough. Now fate has given him another chance. But he quickly discovers that claiming this unpredictable wildcat is easier said than done. Will he be able to convince her that succumbing to their passion is the key to her freedom?

His Strength excerpt:

Nneka stood before him, her smooth brown skin glowing in the lamplight in her hands, her dark eyes and mouth wide open, shocked. Dressed in light nightwear, she looked ready for sleep. His gaze was drawn to the way her dress was wrapped around her body, accentuating her curves. It drew his attention to the swell of her breasts in the dimness of the light.

“W-what are you doing here?” He noticed the slight quake in her subdued voice. Its tremulous tone resonated in the pit of his stomach. His body’s response was primal. To stop himself from reaching for her, he folded his arms across his chest. His body filled her doorway.

“I told you I’d come here if you didn’t meet me today. I keep my word.”

With a dismissive shrug, she lifted an eyebrow. The self-assured gleam back in her eyes. “Well, I never said I was going to meet you. You assumed. Your mistake.”

He’d give her that. She hadn’t verbally agreed to meet him. He’d assumed she’d agreed after she succumbed to his kiss. “A mistake I won’t be making again.” He frowned to show his displeasure.

“You shouldn’t be here. Go home. Someone might see you.”

She moved to close the door, but he put his foot out to stop her. “You’d better let me in then, unless you want your in-laws to know I’m here. I don’t mind, either way.” Flexing his fingers, he kept his arms folded. He yearned to run his hands down her smooth, pliant skin.

Her eyes held a furious glare for a while, but she opened the door wider, moving out of the way. Stooping to avoid hitting his head on the low door frame, he walked in. She shut the door behind him and placed the lamp in the wall sconce.

“You need to be quick about your visit. It’s been a long day, and I need my sleep.”

She remained standing near the door as he surveyed the room. It was of modest size with a long table and bench. In the corner, she stored her cooking wares. A door led off the room to what he assumed was the sleeping chamber. The air was scented with orange zest. He’d smelled it on her the other day. Realizing it was Nneka’s scent, he turned to find her with her arms folded across her chest. It lifted her breasts into prominence. The twin peaks of her nipples pouted in his direction. The smoldering embers of his desire crackled to life again. His manhood swelled.

“The night is still young, Nneka. There’ll be plenty of time to sleep yet.”

Kiru Taye can be contacted via her Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.
Her books include:
His Strength is now available to pre-order via Breathless Press.

His Treasure is out now, available to buy via Breathless Press, Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand, WHSmiths and Kobo.

A Valentine Challenge, a contemporary romance novella is out January 30, 2012