Sexy Saturday

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sexy Saturday. I’ve been locked away in my editing cave doing edits on Bound To Protect for my editor. I should be getting a release date once these are turned in. So, as I was trying to come up with a topic for this week, nothing was coming to me. That is until today, as I was working on a scene, it hit me. Tattoos. My hero, Chad, has one and I won’t share what it’s for; you’ll have to read the book when it comes out.

I for one think they are sexy as hell. Some women might not think that way and, well, let’s just push that to the side for now. For me personally I’m not into having them up and down arms, or all over. That would be a major turn off for me, but a few well placed ones, well that’s hot. Really, with tattoos, it’s in the eye of the beholder what they think is sexy or not.

A lower back one can be sexy if it’s done correctly. Also, it would be hidden most of the time, which can be a turn-on for your partner. For them to know it’s there and no one else to know. On some women, it would show when they wore jeans, and that could be a sexy little tease.

The ones that I love are the arm bands, ones across the chest, and ones that cover the arm. I’m sure they have technical names, but I don’t know them; all I know is that they are hot. Now comes to the designs that people have put on their body. Some of them are downright ugly, there’s no other way to put it. Oh and let’s not forget that some people really need to think about where they place the tattoos before getting them. Some places are just a bad idea. For a woman on the boobs or stomach area are bad places as both can sag as we get older, and your once great-looking tat will look bad later. For men, I would have to say on the stomach as well for the same reason.

I’ll place some of my favorite tattoos below. So tell me, do you think that tattoos on men are hot or not?

Sexy Saturday!

So it’s time for another Sexy Saturday. This week I’m going to be talking about dancing. Come on, let’s face it, dancing can be so freaking sexy. If the two have a great chemistry on the dance floor, they can keep the attention of everyone around them, and have them wanting more. I just wrote a really hot dance scene in my new work in progress.

Yes, I’m a big sucker for the reality dance shows because, well, some on there have such great chemistry, you wish you were there dancing. I’m sure we’ve all had a dance or two that left us breathless, and I’m not talking about from the dance, but from the sexual tension…from the way the man commands the woman’s body during their dance. Let’s face it, someone has to lead and most of the time it’s the man.

That’s just sexy, I don’t care who you are and how in control you are as a woman. Almost every woman loves when a man takes command, and during a dance, it can be super hot. I found three videos on YouTube that show some great sexual tension, and the man leading.

So, tell me, have you ever had some hawt dances like in these videos?